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What's New

Newly developed Coding Quest program brings coding to classrooms

On June 16, more than 300 students participated in The Learning Partnership's inaugural Coding Quest Arcade at the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto as part of the organization's latest program to bring coding into the classroom.

The newly developed Coding Quest program sees students working with teachers to create their own computer games in the classroom through coding, creative thinking and STEM skills. The program provides an opportunity for students to develop their coding skills and empowers them to compete in Canada’s increasingly digitalized workforce.

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Real Talk is an exciting career app, designed to provide high school students with the opportunity to gain "peer to peer" perspectives, tips and advice from young people who have recently made the school to work transition.
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For recent high school graduates, practical job experience is in short supply. Many employers in Canada expect graduates to be work-ready, without providing them with opportunities to explore real career options. Your company can support recent graduates with their workforce transition, with Experience Ontario.
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2016 Canada's Outstanding Principals
The Learning Partnership is pleased to recognize eight teams and individuals across Canada for their exceptional commitment to, and going above and beyond for, early childhood education.
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