What is Knowledge Mobilization?

Knowledge Mobilization connects ideas and credible research with partners in education, business and the community.
Our work focuses on 3 key areas: innovative practices, research and insights, and great ideas in education. 

We shine light on successful practices in education and move knowledge across provincial boundaries. Education is delivered provincially and there are few, if any, opportunities for collaboration between leaders in education, classroom teachers or school board in different provinces. We believe we can add value by sharing successful practices from coast to coast.
The Learning Partnership’s Knowledge Mobilization practice strives to find the best academic research, the most innovative programs, and the most outstanding ideas from other sectors and connect them to educators.

Our Policy and Knowledge Mobilization activities aim to engage Canadians in important issues in education that impact public policy across Canada.

Who benefits from our Knowledge Mobilization practice?

In education, Knowledge Mobilization means stronger support for students by ensuring that school systems and policy makers are aware of the full range of educational opportunities available to their students.

Ultimately all stakeholders in a community benefit - students, parents, educators, policy makers and influencers, education and business leaders – all have a stake in ensuring a prosperous future for Canada.

What is our approach to mobilizing knowledge?
Mobilizing knowledge across sectors plays an integral role in the work we do. From the delivery of credible and timely research, to the development and evaluation of all our programs, to informing and influencing public opinion and encouraging discussion amongst our stakeholders, Policy and Knowledge Mobilization lays the foundation upon which our other activities are built - such as outreach to our Canada’s Outstanding Principals and Supervisory Officer Executive Leadership Training Program alumni.

We believe that bringing together thought leaders in education, business, government and academia to discuss how to help students is a vital strategy for constant educational improvement in Canada.




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