Unleashing the Entrepreneurial Spirit!

I have an IDEA. It can be a BUSINESS.
We can get CUSTOMERS.

The Learning Partnership’s Entrepreneurial Adventure is all about sparking students’ natural curiosity, intelligence and passion to seize an opportunity to take their ideas to market – and discover just what they can do!
The Entrepreneurial Adventure Program is a hands-on entrepreneurial journey for students in Grades K-12. It is designed to develop students’ enterprising spirit, financial literacy, innovative thinking and social responsibility. To date, these student business ventures have raised $2.9 million for charities! 

Entrepreneurial Adventure helps develop Canada's next generation of entrepreneurs by teaching essential 21st century skills, such as marketing, business planning, team building and the importance of social responsibility. Together with teachers and volunteer business mentors, students from kindergarten to Grade 12 develop innovative business ventures that raise money for local, national and international charities.
Entrepreneurial Adventure Goals
  • Enhance critical and creative thinking
  • Cultivate the spirit of adventure and enterprise, risk and reward, and sense of satisfaction from transforming an idea into reality
  • Develop self confidence in developing and communicating ideas
  • Experience collaboration and team work
  • Develop project and time management skills
  • Develop leadership and collaborative skills (ability to lead a team and work within a team)

How does Entrepreneurial Adventure Work?

Local volunteer business partners and teachers work together with the class to:

  1. Identify a venture concept
  2. Plan, promote and launch their ventures at school and public showcases
  3. Celebrate its success at the Entrepreneurial Adventure Showcase held every May at high visibility public venues
  4. Profits of the venture are usually donated to a local charity

Through mentorships from teachers and business partners, students work together to learn about planning, teamwork, presentation skills, risk management, marketing, financial literacy and business as well as develop personal enterprising qualities. 

We aspire to expand the EA program coast to coast across Canada and engage even more
high school  students than ever before. The goal of the program is to instill a sense of entrepreneurial adventure in the students, by harnessing local resources and providing students with a foundation of knowledge that will allow them to envision, create and operate their own entrepreneurial undertakings. 


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Did you know?
  • Over 52,000 student participants since 1995
  • $2.9 million dollars raised for charities by students through 1,500 successful ventures
  • Entrepreneurial Adventure runs in Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Manitoba and Quebec
  • 1,500 business partners and 2,000 teachers have supported this program
  • 12th year of BMO Financial National Student Innovation Awards
For more information, contact:

Sue Pfeffer
National Program Manager
(416) 440-5111

In collaboration with:


Bank Of Montreal
Hamilton Community Foundation
Province of Ontario
John Dubson Foundation