Students tackle real global issues, right in the classroom

Global Solutions introduces grade 11 and 12 students to a current global problem and provides them the background, tools and guidance to propose solutions in an innovative way. Students receive a Global Ideas Challenge Topic with related readings, video lectures, and an opportunity to present their solutions. 

The program’s curriculum and Teachers Guide are fully aligned with the Ontario Ministry of Education course curricula.  The materials serve as a cross curricular vehicle to expand student awareness of global issues.

The key purpose of Global Solutions is to bring the ‘world into the classroom’ by developing rigour, problem solving, critical thinking skills, and multiple perspectives on global issues.

How does the Global Solutions curriculum work?

Global Solutions presents challenge topics based on real life, current global problems for which the students are challenged to provide creative and innovative solutions with a go-to-market plan. These challenge topics or global problems are very real and ones that the Munk School, University of Toronto and many other international researchers are currently working on. The program culminates in students presenting their solutions in a symposium.

The Global Solutions curriculum is aligned to a range of provincial Ontario Ministry of Education courses for grades 11 and 12, and offers teachers alternative ways to present the materials to their students allowing for as much flexibility as possible in terms of the length of the teaching unit and content: either as a full in-class unit or as an Independent Study Unit (ISU).

The unit provides teachers with a complete set of detailed classroom lessons including handouts, resources and exemplars.
  • The unit is divided into 5 modules spanning approximately 5 weeks.
  • Grade 11and 12 Students work to find solutions to a real, complex and current global problem that the University of Toronto and other global researchers are currently tackling.
  • Global Solutions challenge topics, materials, resources and tools will be modeled on the Global Ideas Institute programs, but presented in an easy to implement format that can be adapted to suit a wider range of students’ academic range.
  • Teachers will be provided with an in-service workshop with ongoing support.
  • At the conclusion of the program, there is a symposium opportunity for a team of students to present their findings to a panel of experts.
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